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Installation of Micro Switches used in Fire Suppression Systems in NYC Restaurants

Staten Island Construction specializes in the installation of Micro Switches used in Fire Suppression Systems in Restaurants throughout the Five Boroughs of NYC & the Tri-State Area.

A Micro Switch added to your Fire Suppression System’s control box performs several tasks. If your fire suppression system is triggered due to a fire in your restaurant, the make up air fan’s power will be cut off so as not to feed the fire with fresh air. Your Exhaust fan will continue running to remove smoke and fumes from the fire, out of the kitchen, limiting damage. The other task of the Micro Switch is to shut off any electrical appliances under the hood.

The fire department in NYC and counties in the tri-state area requires microswitch systems if you have electrical appliances under your hood or make up air fans. Each system is wired differently given the many configurations of Restaurant Kitchens. In addition to be an experienced electrician, one needs to understand the mechanical system of the exhaust system, make up air, ductwork, and understanding of the electrical appliances under the hood. Staten Island Construction designs and builds restaurants and has the knowledge to install your hood, exhaust fans, and microswitches in addition to building out your next restaurant.

If you have any questions about the installation of Micro Switches used in Fire Suppression Systems in New York, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

4 Ways Staten Island Construction Can Help New Yorkers Affected By Coronavirus

As we go through this confusing and uncertain time, it’s important for companies like ours to offer services that can assist the medical field, the government, and the public at large. As a New York State sanctioned essential business, Staten Island Construction is ready to help citizens of the tri-state area move forward amidst the crisis.

Medical and Organizational Emergency Tenting Setup in New York City

Staten Island Construction is equipped to create temporary command centers for medical or organizational purposes in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We’ve already set up temporary Coronavirus command tents for Mount Sinai Hospital/ Victory Health Partners on Staten Island. We were able to provide this important set up for the health of all Staten Islanders, and are ready to build out more of these command centers anywhere in the tri-state area. If any other medical or government agencies are in need of temporary structures, tents, canopies, etc. or if you need sanitation or remediation services, give us a call (347) 723-1825.

Along with tenting and canopies, we can also provide tables and chairs, heating solutions, and temporary electric. If you have any questions, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Home Office Remodels/Temporary Home Office Construction in New York City

For doctors who are doing telemed or looking for a temporary structure to practice outside of their primary offices & professionals working from home, Island Construction is offering office renovations (both permanent and temporary), temporary structures with temporary walls, electric, plumbing, etc. that can offer privacy and a stable working environment. We can start jobs immediately and work efficiently to get the job done quickly.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection in New York City

Staten Island Construction has been offering Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection services to New York City for years. In 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, we were on the front lines repairing homes and businesses with water damage, removing mold, and helping people and businesses get back on their feet.

We offer Sanitation and Remediation services to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and can get to work immediately.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Emergency Construction & Repair Services in Staten Island, New York

Accidents happen, even during a crisis. Because of that Staten Island Construction is available for emergency home repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us about any emergency home repair services on Staten Island and we’ll create a plan to get the job done.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Advice For Flood Victims To Save Money Before Demolition


As the cleanup effort from Hurricane Sandy continues here in Staten Island, I’ve dispensed the same piece of advice to flood victims a number of times:

Plan your rebuild before you begin demolition.

Many victims under-estimate the cost of rebuilding, and demolish everything in their house when they don’t have to.  Take note of hard surface that can simply be cleaned. Bathrooms with tile floors don’t need to be removed, but when we arrive clients have already included them in the demolition without realizing this. Many of the surfaces in a bathroom can get wet without structural damage and can be salvaged.

Sub-floors are another item being needlessly demolished. When building a house, first you lay the foundation. Then you put sill and then joist the sub-floor. After that the walls are built, and so on. Aside from wasting money, removing a sub-floor can affect the structure of the home.

If you’re looking into a rebuild after a flood in the New York City area, contact us. We can take a look and assist in the planning to save you money and aggravation.

Mold Remediation: Getting Rid of Mold After Flooding


Getting Rid of Mold requires knowledge of what mold is, where it exists, how to detect it, why it proliferates and the consequences of living with it. Then we can properly dispose of it so we can enjoy healthy indoor living. There are many myths related to mold some created by suppliers of mold products & contractors that want your money. When unsure of mold facts go to Centers for Disease control and prevention at

What is mold: Mold is an essential component to our ecosystem that provides decomposition of many organic substances necessary to plant, animal and human life. Mold multiplies by producing spores which circulate in the air. When the spore contacts a moist surface it clings to it and mold develops. In an indoor environment, airborne mold spores can cause health problems to the occupants. Air quality is a key factor to healthy living, and often when houses are sealed for temperature control, the lack of ventilation can cause a build up of humidity and serious air quality problems, especially if mold is present. (more…)

Save Money on Flood Repairs After Flood Damage

Getting your house in order after a hurricane isn’t an easy process, but it’s necessary to get your life back on track. Flood repairs and restorations aren’t cheap, however you can save money by cutting back on unnecessary repairs while you recover from natural disasters. Here’s a guide to saving money while working with your local contractor to restore your home.

Severe storm damage is expensive to replace, but budgets can be modified according to specific circumstances. (more…)