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4 Ways Staten Island Construction Can Help New Yorkers Affected By Coronavirus

As we go through this confusing and uncertain time, it’s important for companies like ours to offer services that can assist the medical field, the government, and the public at large. As a New York State sanctioned essential business, Staten Island Construction is ready to help citizens of the tri-state area move forward amidst the crisis.

Medical and Organizational Emergency Tenting Setup in New York City

Staten Island Construction is equipped to create temporary command centers for medical or organizational purposes in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We’ve already set up temporary Coronavirus command tents for Mount Sinai Hospital/ Victory Health Partners on Staten Island. We were able to provide this important set up for the health of all Staten Islanders, and are ready to build out more of these command centers anywhere in the tri-state area. If any other medical or government agencies are in need of temporary structures, tents, canopies, etc. or if you need sanitation or remediation services, give us a call (347) 723-1825.

Along with tenting and canopies, we can also provide tables and chairs, heating solutions, and temporary electric. If you have any questions, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Home Office Remodels/Temporary Home Office Construction in New York City

For doctors who are doing telemed or looking for a temporary structure to practice outside of their primary offices & professionals working from home, Island Construction is offering office renovations (both permanent and temporary), temporary structures with temporary walls, electric, plumbing, etc. that can offer privacy and a stable working environment. We can start jobs immediately and work efficiently to get the job done quickly.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection in New York City

Staten Island Construction has been offering Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection services to New York City for years. In 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, we were on the front lines repairing homes and businesses with water damage, removing mold, and helping people and businesses get back on their feet.

We offer Sanitation and Remediation services to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and can get to work immediately.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Emergency Construction & Repair Services in Staten Island, New York

Accidents happen, even during a crisis. Because of that Staten Island Construction is available for emergency home repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us about any emergency home repair services on Staten Island and we’ll create a plan to get the job done.

If you have any questions about these services, feel free to call us for more information (347) 723-1825

Get More Out of Your Home by Waterproofing Your Wet Basement

A great way for you to bulk up your home’s value is to increase the square footage. Doing this without adding expensive additions outright can be tough. But an easy solution is simply to invest in waterproofing your basement to increase livable space.

By waterproofing and sealing the foundation, this immediately adds livable floorspace and provides you and your family with that cozy basement living space you’ve always wanted. Use it as a new bedroom, gameroom, man cave, or bar for parties. Waterproofing a basement’s foundation increases both the aesthetic value and actual value of your home.

There are even great health benefits to waterproofing your basement, as a waterproofed space will not attract and grow mold like a non-secured basement will.

If you’re interested in converting to a finished basement please contact us for your FREE ESTIMATE today: (347) 723–1825

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of waterproofing your basement:

Why You Should Invest in IPE Deck Wood

Within the past ten years, the NYC fire dept. adopted new fire procedures based on the IFC, or International Fire Code.

This includes heightened protections for incidents where houses on fire cause surrounding homes to catch on fire as well. This includes new sprinkler systems and non combustable materials for decks that run between houses.

IPE hardwood is the perfect deck wood for this new era of precaution as it is made of Ironwood, which is resistant to fire, moisture, insects and can be used without preservatives or ground treatments. It is rated in the same class as steel and concrete.

IPE hardwood is also a cost-saver, as the material allows for longer lasting decks.

Check out the video below for info on maintaining an IPE deck.

HardiePlank is the Wood and Vinyl Siding Alternative You Have Been Looking For

Have you been looking for an alternative to wood or vinyl siding? HardiePlank is the way to go.

HardiePlank is the low cost alternative to vinyl and wood, being a perfect midpoint between the two. With vary little maintenance required.

HardiePlank’s benefits over wood and vinyl are numerous. It is resistant to fire, is warranted to last for over 50 years, available in a variety of colors, has the same thickness as wood, is insect resistant, and is cheaper than real wood siding.

If you are interested in purchasing and installing HardiePlank on your home or business, please contact us at 347-723-1825

Watch the video below for more info on HardiePlank:

EPS Featured on This Way on Bay

EPS was recently featured on hyperlocal Staten Island blog, This Way on Bay, in an article about EPS’ family tradition of historic renovations. In the article, owners Melissa and David Mazzei spoke about their current project, restoring the historic Pavilion on the Terrace:

If you’ve ever taken a drive or a stroll down Richmond Terrace on Staten Island, you may have gone by The Pavilion on the Terrace, which has been closed for 12 years. The building was first constructed as a residence in the year 1835 and then in 1965 started operating as a banquet hall until its eventual close in 2005. Since its closure, this historical treasure has been sitting and waiting for new life and that new life has come.

EPS Contracting, a Staten Island-based company, is currently rebuilding and renovating the property for owners Kecia & Devone and they have hopes to complete and be able to cater to their first customers by May of 2017. The property will be a 170 seat catering hall and restaurant. Operated by Melissa and David Mazzei, EPS is a second generation restoration company. Melissa and David grew up watching their father, Ettore Mazzei, restore a dozen historic projects over their lifetime. The process inspired them to start their own construction restoration company; EPS Contracting.

You can read David and Melissa’s full comments in the rest of the article, here.