Bamboo Floors – Not Just for Pandas Anymore

Bamboo Floors – Not Just for Pandas Anymore

commercial flooring contractors bamboo wood flooringBamboo wood flooring is an excellent and sustainable choice for commercial businesses who wish to give their office a facelift. Measured 25 percent harder than maple and oak hardwood floors, bamboo plank flooring is an eco-friendly option outfitted with tight grain and uniform coloring, giving the material a distinctive appearance. Owners of bamboo flooring often find this type of flooring naturally beautiful and design-friendly, as it comes in several color options to complement the overall aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo plank floors are available in two categories, regular and strand. Regular bamboo wood floors are durable and beautiful. They’re usually installed in residential homes. However, some owners prefer strand woven bamboo plank floors for their increased resistance against pets and children.

Strand Bamboo Wood Flooring

Businesses generally tend to use strand bamboo for their commercial flooring needs. Strand woven bamboo is super-durable and considerably stronger than regular bamboo. Strand bamboo fibers are woven together to provide a bit more industrial strength than found using regular bamboo, so as a result, it is a marvelous investment for businesses whose offices regularly have high-traffic flowing through them.

Besides the fact that bamboo floors are “green,” or environmentally friendly, this appealing flooring product is also comparable to the costs of regular hardwood floor installation, with the exception of commercial grade bamboo floors, which are priced at a premium for their value-added benefit.

Bamboo Wood Flooring for Commercial Flooring

Selection and installation of bamboo floors, whether regular or strand bamboo, will require trained flooring specialists who understand the nature and application of the renewable material.

Research flooring manufacturers and analyze which ones appear credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Discuss the options available to you for bamboo flooring, including warranties and pricing, to make sure that bamboo flooring is right for your business.

Additionally, consult with other business owners you know to see what their thoughts about bamboo flooring are. You might be surprised to discover that bamboo flooring is not only used in increasing numbers, but that many owners are very happy with their flooring and its upkeep after installation.

As you shop for bamboo wood floors, keep in mind that bamboo is good quality. As this is the case, you may discover merchants and manufacturers selling cheap bamboo plank flooring that is supposed to be as strong in quality as bamboo flooring sold at regular price. When you encounter these manufacturers, the risk is that instead of getting a quality bamboo flooring product you think you’re purchasing, what you will get is a low-quality bamboo material produced with substandard processing.

Bamboo Flooring NYC & NJ

Bamboo wood flooring must also be installed by experts who know how to strip and remove your old floors efficiently before installation. Mazzei Group Environmental Projects Solutions has over 20 years of expertise in the Staten Island construction industry. To explore your commercial flooring options with bamboo, call the Mazzei Group at (718) 72 – SOLUTIONS today.

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