Why Now is the Right Time for Green Home Remodeling

Why Now is the Right Time for Green Home Remodeling

environmentalprojectsolutions.comGoing green is an uber-popular trend these days, and nothing says eco-friendly and trendy than green home remodeling. In addition to saving the Earth and showing people that you’re “hippie-luxe” and savvy when it comes to home improvements, green kitchen renovations and other energy-saving upgrades will save you money for years to come. Additionally, you’ll also be surprised to see that you might begin to save money immediately – by finding money in places you couldn’t have imagined before!

Are You Playing Hide and Seek with Your Money?

I’m sure you’re looking for ways to save as much money as you can, especially with the recent turn of events in our economy. American homeowners and small business owners have seen energy costs rise along with everyday expenses – including gas! Were you aware that with the recent turmoil in African countries such as Libya and Egypt, we can stand to see our gas costs skyrocket to $5 per gallon?! With expenses like these, you and I have to take as many carefully planned steps as possible to secure the financial future of not only ourselves, but also our families… and this also starts with taking a good look at where our money is going.

Take a look around your home. Chances are there’s a lot of extra money flowing out of your home due to poor efficiency and energy usage. Giving your home a clear assessment, either through an energy audit or simple research, can provide you information you need to begin restoring your utility costs to bearable levels so your resources can be properly allocated elsewhere.

6 Simple Symptoms to Determine whether Your Home Drains Your Wallet

Here are some of the most common household and building issues people experience that suck money out of your wallet.

Drafty rooms where windows are in need of insulation or replacement, or where doors aren’t properly keeping air from entering or leaving the home.

Uncomfortable room temperatures that can indicate air leakage that might cause you to raise your heat and cooling costs.

Cluttered and disorganized rooms that cover risks related to poor indoor air quality, including toxic black mold and dust mites.

Unreasonably high utility bills that have since become normal in more recent months.

Dry rot and other continuous maintenance issues overtaking your home that never seem to be fully resolved.

Outdated appliances that were purchased in 1990 or earlier, making them over 20 years old.

If these problems seem familiar, consider the impact of green home remodeling and what it can do for your wallet. Sure, it may be an investment upfront, but the monetary benefits will pay you back over time. Proper home remodeling and interior design of eco-friendly products and materials will not only improve your home, but the quality of your life. Cluttered spaces will become livable and breathable, allowing you to exhale in peace after the stress of a long day. You will be able to comfortably sleep at night once you’ve implemented successful changes to your energy and water system that save you money and allow you to enjoy a stable temperature in your home, no matter what time of the year it is.

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