Topic: Green Home Remodeling

Green Roofing – Yes You Can!

Many things have changed in the years, nay, centuries since modern tile siding and roofing became popular. There have been advances in so many areas of home and general building design and construction that looks to the past, outside of aesthetic reasons, have been left just there: in the past. But what if the past is a gateway into a greener future that not only is good for the environment but also helps save on cooling and heating bills. As well, there are financial benefits to having a green, or living, roof. The past returns yet again with lessons for the current high tech age. (more…)

Why Now is the Right Time for Green Home Remodeling

Going green is an uber-popular trend these days, and nothing says eco-friendly and trendy than green home remodeling. In addition to saving the Earth and showing people that you’re “hippie-luxe” and savvy when it comes to home improvements, green kitchen renovations and other energy-saving upgrades will save you money for years to come. Additionally, you’ll also be surprised to see that you might begin to save money immediately – by finding money in places you couldn’t have imagined before!

Are You Playing Hide and Seek with Your Money? (more…)

Bamboo Floors – Not Just for Pandas Anymore

Bamboo wood flooring is an excellent and sustainable choice for commercial businesses who wish to give their office a facelift. Measured 25 percent harder than maple and oak hardwood floors, bamboo plank flooring is an eco-friendly option outfitted with tight grain and uniform coloring, giving the material a distinctive appearance. Owners of bamboo flooring often find this type of flooring naturally beautiful and design-friendly, as it comes in several color options to complement the overall aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo plank floors are available in two categories, regular and strand. Regular bamboo wood floors are durable and beautiful. They’re usually installed in residential homes. However, some owners prefer strand woven bamboo plank floors for their increased resistance against pets and children. (more…)

Green Home Remodeling: Best Home Renovations for Consideration

Green home remodeling has experienced a rise in popularity across the region as many homeowners and commercial property investors seek to improve the appearance and durability of their property structures. I’ve come to truly understand why as well. Green renovations such as bamboo flooring or implementation of alternative wind energy usage provide long-lasting and favorable enhancements to properties that are sustainable, trendy and eco-friendly. Additionally, earth-friendly renovation and remodeling costs have begun to drop as more green contractors become available on the market. (more…)